Helmut Erler, studio sound engineer. Short bio and work sample. Mastering , cutting, teaching and studio maintenance.

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Helmut Erler

Since 1998 Helmut has been tuning and sculpturing the world wide renowned Berlin sound of (electronic) music for hundreds of internationally successful musicians, DJs and record-labels. From Berghain / Ostgut Ton to Alvin Lucier, Zeitkratzer and many more. At the present time he has more than 900 credits under his belt. You can check them out by going to his discogs page by clicking any of the records below on his work sample section.


Apart from mastering, cutting records and studio maintenance, Helmut teaches audio engineering and sound perception. He is also the Hey Rec label owner and the originator of Austrodub. Additionally he is a sound-therapist in psychosomatic clinics, dedicated to work with sound and body.


Presently Helmut has developed, together with TokyoDawn Labs a software called ‘SimuLathe’. This is a new disk mastering program to make ultra precise cuts. In short, it is a complete simulation of the disc mastering process. With its specialized pre-processors, a virtual cutting lathe, several turntable pickup models and extensive means of metering/analysis, this audio plugin offers hands on insight into disk cutting.

Some of his work

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